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Normally to be found in South Wales or Ireland. An unhealthy obsession with literature & the musicals of Stephen Sondheim has led to a very happy 33 years on this planet.

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Bring Up the Bodies (Thomas Cromwell, #2) - Hilary Mantel Oh how I loved this. Having (regrettably) listened to Wolf Hall on audiobook, I was determined to do the sequal, justice by holding it in my hands and savouring every word. It didn't let me down. There's something truly astonishing about Mantel's version of events. The narrative is just hypnotising. I've rarely (if ever) felt I know a fictional character the way I feel I know Mantel's Thomas Cromwell. Grab yourself a copy of Wolf Hall and next week you"ll be buying this, I assure you. Enjoy. I'm rather jealous I can't read it for the first time over & over again.