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Normally to be found in South Wales or Ireland. An unhealthy obsession with literature & the musicals of Stephen Sondheim has led to a very happy 33 years on this planet.

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The Sisters Brothers

The Sisters Brothers - I will hold my hands up and say that while this is not the type of book I would normally pick up, that magnificent cover and Booker hype caught my eye and boy am I glad they did.Funny, touching and so sharply narrated I couldn't put it down. Very short, snappy chapters pull you along and the characterisations are spot on. An homage to Westerns, The Sisters Brothers follows the last job of two henchmen in 1850's, gold rush America. According to it's only writeup, The Sisters Brothers "beautifully captures the humour, melancholy, and grit of the Old West and two brothers bound by blood, violence, and love". What's not to love?