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Crooked Pieces - This book was recommended to me by a good reads member. I'll admit I was a little hesitant, the cover (I know I shouldn't judge), the reviews by heat magazine etc. all just seemed a little chick lit to me BUT I'm going to anger the book snob in me here and say ... I actually really liked it.I didn't initially. With its first person narration all I could hear in my head is Audrey Hepburn doing Eliza Doolittle but as the character grows so (rather skilfully) does the narration.I know shamefully little about the suffragette movement and feel I should know more and this book has reinforced that. The novel tries not be one sided and does try to show us 'the other side' of the movement but it does fall a bit short here. I also think, as horrible as some of it is, it doesn't do justice to the horror of what was going on at the time. This is just down to the limitations of the author in my opinion.The ending also was little bit 'meh'. The book sort of fizzles out and then there's a small section catching up with some of the characters.Overall though I really enjoyed it, far more than I thought I would. What's more important though is it’s made me want to read more about the Suffragette's and any book that makes you want to investigate further is a good book in my opinion!